Medical Properties of America is a healthcare real estate investment company driven by two primary objectives:

  • Provide superior environments for our healthcare tenants so that they may deliver the best care for their patients.
  • Build a diversified/balanced portfolio with the goals of capital preservation and delivering superior risk-adjusted returns through a combination of reliable dividends and potential capital gains.
We are assembling a property portfolio to generate stable and increasing rental income with a combination of medical office, outpatient treatment and diagnostic, ambulatory surgery centers, rehabilitation facilities, and other healthcare delivery facilities. These properties focus on the needs of physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers. Our portfolio focuses on the following attributes: located on- and off-hospital campuses; mission critical outpatient delivery and/or situated in vibrant healthcare corridors; and geographies with favorable demographic and economic trends.

Our combined 50 years of proven execution in healthcare services and real estate is the pillar of our strength. We leverage our knowledge base to drive strategy, discipline & processes. Our nationwide network of healthcare service experts, providers, and real estate professionals are essential resources towards delivering on our objectives. Management’s knowledge and network unite to maximize portfolio performance through acquisition sourcing, analysis, and due diligence; and asset & property management to achieve optimal occupancy, utilization, synergies, revenue and cost.

We have built a business platform that is scalable and positioned to support substantial future growth as we pursue a combination of stabilized and value-add healthcare properties.